Yaselmina Doure is a drow wizard, and one of the primary protagonists of the Memories of Winter's Past side campaign. She was born as and is sometimes referred to as Mina by her friends. She is played by Autumn.

Background Edit

Yaselmina was born with a medical condition that caused her to be quite physically weak. She couldn't enjoy playing around other drow children as they would frequently bully and abuse her for her weakness. As such, she began to seclude herself away from all others, except for her uncle Bazvesh, a war caster wizard employed by the drow army prior to a devastating burn injury he suffered.

She would spend all her time reading books, and began to take an interest in magic when Bazvesh decided to teach her abjuration magic techniques as a means of protection to make up for her poor strength. She never knew her parents, as they had been absent from her life since only a couple of years after her birth. With time, she came to be a capable mage, and once she reached maturity, she confronted Baz and asked him to tell her what had happened to them, but he continued to refuse to tell her, the reasoning being unknown to Yaselmina. Tired of shutting herself away, she finally set out to experience the world she had avoided for so long.

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