Wes Pommiliòne is a court scientist, engineer, and arcanist employed by the Crown of Tundraga to develop technology for them. He is the creator of the golem guards of Fourwood Keep, as well as the Shield of Absorption used by Liecen Varonos. He is a rival of sorts to K.

In the series Edit

Wes was first met by Atonus Sepa and Silaqui when K introduced them. Silaqui asked if he could look into a gem she acquired in the goblin hideout in the Royal Builders' Hills to see if it contained any magic potential. He accepted, and took it from her to study it before the following day.

When Silaqui returned while making preparations for the party's outset to Milton, he told her that he'd found the potential for protective magic within the gem, and she paid him to draw it out so she could utilize it. It was here that he also requested that she give his prototype Shield of Absorption to one of her traveling companions so that it could be tested out in the field for its effectiveness.

He was last seen when after Silaqui left and gave the shield to Liecen, he returned in her stead with her money to pay for the gem for her, which had become a Gem of Protection.