The War for Myphuta was a conflict that happened in 36ME between Tundraga and Arvoba for the ownership of the province of Myphuta, with the result being the acquisition of Myphuta by Arvoba, becoming its 5th province (not counting Medri Farza). It is the most recent war to have happened in Anevandos.

History Edit

By 36ME, conflicts over territory belonging to the former Tundragan Empire were not uncommon. On Somnhal 14th, Arvoban forces secured the support of the Tundragan town of Langangard, the largest settlement in the region, and declared ownership of Myphuta, as Tundraga had previously managed to keep hold of it during Arvoba's war for independence several years prior despite it historically being considered part of Arvoba.

During the war, Tundraga requested assistance from Chalmentum, who sent a portion of their forces, which was considered uncommon for Tundraga. Several factors are believed to have contributed to this decision. Firstly, Tundraga's forces had shrunk due to both losing parts of their empire and losing many of their homeland forces to previous wars, with several of those that remained being injured and crippled. Additionally, Tundraga had been building good relations with Chalmentum in the years prior, assisting them with several Muspekal raid issues on their western border and creating new trade deals to make up for the loss of direct ownership of several nations with such materials.

Despite the help from Chalmentum, on Ebonair 6th, 36ME, Tundragan forces retreated from Myphuta and conceded its land to Arvoba.

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The following are the characters who are known to have participated in the war:

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