Voia Terz is a lizardfolk ranger that disguises herself as the folk hero Echo, and was one of the primary protagonists of the Conspiracy of Shamin Long one-shot campaign. She was played by Autumn.

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Conspiracy of Shamin Long one-shot campaign Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Voia holds the record for the highest result for a skill check of all Anevandos campaigns thus far. While tracking Mordune after he was smote by God, she gained double advantage on a Survival check to track him from using the Hunter's Mark she had cast on him, as well as assistance from Mikhail Siandel. Additionally, she was able to add her proficiency bonus to her roll twice due to Shamin Long qualifying as being in a forest, one of her favored terrains. Her critical success and +16 modifier resulted in a roll of 36.