The Very Hungry Centipede refers to the mother of the swarms of centipedes that infested Snowcreek until she was killed by the party.

In the series Edit

The centipede's only appearance was in her nest deep underground past a network of tunnels extending from the Underground River beneath Snowcreek. The party entered to find an empty room, before hearing rumbling for a few seconds followed by the centipede's emergence from the wall.

After Mirabel Nox cast a Ray of Enfeeblement on the centipede, weakening her significantly, the party were able to withstand her attacks more easily. Partway through the battle, she knocked Grigore Ardelean unconscious, and ate Liecen Varonos, though Grigore was later healed by Einkill Ungart, and Liecen managed to escape not long afterwards, After Mirabel struck a stalactite above the centipede which pierced into her body, Silaqui was able to ignite her flammable blood with a tinderbox, burning her to death.

Afterwards, Taja Inverno harvested the stinger on the centipede's tail, and Liecen collected several gallons of her blood, storing it in various jars, bottles, waterskins, and even pumpkins they were carrying. The stinger was shown as proof of the centipede's death to Barclay Cyprin.