Tharvin Durret was a servant of the Mustele family in Snowcreek, until his murder at the hands of Silaqui after being attacked by Jakois Mustele while he was being controlled by Grigore Ardelean's casting of Crown of Madness.

In the series Edit

Tharvin was first met by Silaqui, Einkill Ungart, and Grigore Ardelean in his home, Snowcreek Manor, when they came to discuss the matter of the town's centipede infestation. After some discussion, they persuaded him to allow their entry to speak with the then-lord Yvo Mustele. During the conversation, he saw Silaqui trying to sneak off and explore the manor, stopping her angrily.

He was later seen again when Vhudelk, Mirabel Nox, and Silaqui attempted to gain entry to the manor under the guise of being cleaners from "Bunko's Cleaning Service". He was unconvinced by their claims and refused them. After the three of them broke in through a back window instead, Mirabel cast Sleep on him while he was cleaning plates so that he wouldn't be conscious to notice their intrusion.

His final appearance was when he accompanied Jakois and a group of soldiers into the Underground River. After Grigore cast Crown of Madness on Jakois to control his actions, Jakois was forced to attack Tharvin and several of the soldiers with his longsword, before Silaqui dealt the mortal blow. His body is presumed to have been discovered by the Mustele family shortly afterwards, as Yvo knew of his death and attempted to arrest the party for murder.