Snowcreek is a town in southwest Tundraga, on the path between Chorofeyre and Arkhold, the two capitals.


The town is situated on a hill, like much of the land around it (including Royal Builders' Hills), with a river running at the base of the hill, which gave the town its name. It gets a lot of snow in the winter and keeps a surprising amount of it even well into spring. Snowcreek Manor overlooks the whole town from the hilltop, and a pair of well-guarded bridges span the river to connect to the surrounding land, which otherwise provides excellent natural protection.

In the series Edit

Snowcreek was the first stopping point for the party after they left Arkhold. While many of them were headed to Chorofeyre or intended to see whatever they could of Tundraga, Silaqui had specific business in the town in assisting her brother Nuul with the threatening of Jakois Mustele, the son of Yvo Mustele, then-lord of the town.

After staying at the Sleeping Hippo Inn their first night, the party awoke to hear commotion outside from the emergence of several giant centipedes from the ground. After defeating them, they attempted to question the guards about the incident, but many of them refused to acknowledge the possibility of a larger problem, and the best answer they were given was to take up the matter with the lord himself if they felt strongly about the matter. Trying that, they were dismissed by Yvo after he, too, denied the possibility of a larger problem but told them they were free to investigate if they wished.

Back in the main part of town, Barclay Cyprin offered to work with the party in investigating the infestation, as he had already been trying to do, and Mirabel Nox broke open a sealed well to obtain water, accidentally discovering a disused cistern beneath the town, which the well provided an entrance into. As a result, the party split, with one group returning to the manor to attempt an infiltration while the other would descend into the cistern to search for clues about the centipede problem, and both ended up facing complications. The former group were unable to convince Tharvin Durret of the legitimacy of their intentions as 'Bunko's Cleaning Service' employees and so broke in through a back window instead, putting Tharvin to sleep as they entered the basement, discovering a secret entrance to a passage that connected the manor, Snowcreek Library, and the cistern together. Meanwhile, the latter group were blocked by a large pit that was too wide to jump across, and so Taja Inverno volunteered to scout ahead on her own using her ability to fly.

After finding a partially-deluged cavern and a path to a maze of tunnels further down, Taja ran into Nuul and his associate Besta Bronnivak, who, believing her to be an agent of Jakois, attempted to capture and interrogate her, but failed, as Taja escaped, leaving a group of centipedes that had emerged to buy her time as she flew over them to return to the rest of the party.

Not long after her return, Nuul and Besta managed to catch up, and combat briefly occurred before the two mercenaries managed to overpower what was present of the party. Just as they did, Silaqui entered the cavern with Mirabel and Vhudelk, explaining the situation to Nuul before stabilizing and awakening the rest of the party.

Deciding to work together, the group left the cistern and rested in the inn before descending again the following day with the intention of going deeper to find and deal with the source of the apparent centipede infestation. In the cistern, Silaqui helped Nuul search for a bloodstained ring he had lost, as the party descended into the tunnels and, clearing them, emerged into an underground river. Exploring the area, the party began to hear footsteps from the tunnels while on one of the bridges spanning the river.

Not long after, they saw Jakois, Tharvin, and a group of guards emerge into the tunnels carrying weapons, and assuming hostility, Grigore Ardelean began to engage them in combat while Taja attempted to scoutahead further, disapproving of the combat. During the fight, Grigore's casting of Crown of Madness forced Jakois to attack Tharvin, weakening him to the point where a single crossbow bolt fired by Silaqui was able to kill him. After the fight, only Jakois and a single guard remained alive (at the requests of Silaqui and Taja respectively). Their mission complete, Silaqui and Nuul agreed to separate again so that Nuul could deal with Jakois while Silaqui could continue onwards to deal with the infestation.

After another maze of tunnels, the party emerged into a large room that acted as the nest for the Very Hungry Centipede, the source of the infestation. In large part due to the assistance of Mirabel's casting of Ray of Enfeeblement, the party were able to defeat the creature relatively easily, and returned to the surface with its stinger and several containers of its flammable blood, as proof. After spending a night in the House of Cyprin (in which Mirabel copulated with Barclay's daughter Adrianna), the party rested in the inn once more, intending to leave the following day.

The next morning, however, they awoke to some commotion caused by Yvo Mustele entering the inn with a group of guards to try to arrest the party on the charges of murder of Tharvin and suspected murder of Jakois. Wanting to be rid of him (and believing him to be the most responsible for the accused crimes), most of the party betrayed Grigore, though he managed to resist arrest impressively well, and the conflict ended up outside, which provided a good opportunity for Nuul to swoop in and hold Yvo hostage, using Jakois' severed finger as proof that he had him and threatening to kill him and Yvo if he didn't let Silaqui and her companions go free. Being prideful and refusing to be reduced to a bargaining chip, Yvo slit his own throat against Nuul's dagger, shocking the nearby Amales Mustele with grief as he ordered the party to leave the town immediately and never return. Wanting to be rid of the tension and the desperate situation, they agreed, and, barring Mirabel who had stayed in the House of Cyprin and thus was oblivious to what had happened, they all left to continue their journey to Chorofeyre.

Features Edit

The following are some notable locations in Snowcreek that one or more members of the party went to:

  • Sleeping Hippo Inn
  • Snowcreek Manor
  • Snowcreek Trader
  • Snowcreek Farm
  • Snowcreek Library
  • Snowcreek Alchemist
  • Snowcreek Church
  • House of Cyprin

Residents Edit

The following are some notable groups and individuals that live in Snowcreek:

  • Alyn Fogg
  • Tharvin Durret
  • Yvo Mustele
  • Agnes Mustele
  • Amales Mustele
  • Jakois Mustele
  • Luwis Mustele
  • Petronilla Earl
  • Martha Earl
  • Chrystan Goodyere
  • Blanche Goodyere
  • Gilbert Appleby
  • Bartholomew Foxe
  • Barclay Cyprin
  • Amie Cyprin
  • Madyson Cyprin
  • Kennard Cyprin
  • Kaleb Cyprin
  • Adrianna Cyprin