"Do you need me for anything? Please, I just wanna be helpful!"

― Silaqui

Silaqui, real name Rasilaquin Alouzen, is a drow rogue/ranger, and one of the primary protagonists of the first Anevandos campaign. She is also the crown princess of Alouzen. She is played by Otters.

Background Edit

Silaqui grew up in the castle of Alouzen. She grew up in the shadow of her older brother Syril. She was forbidden to leave the castle and socialize with the common folk. One day she walked in on her twin brother Sorvex standing over the corpse of Syril. Sorvex told her that he didn't know what happen and didn't mean to kill him. She fled the country with him and Trained each other to survive in the real world. They acted as mercenaries for odd jobs until Silaqui met the party in Snowcreek. She stated to Taja Inverno that her childhood was very lonely and she knows next to nothing about the outside world.

In the series Edit

Silaqui came to Snowcreek in order to find and capture Jakois Mustele. Once there she met the rest of the party and got caught up with Snowcreek's centipede problem. She suggested to the party to meet with the Musteles with the ulterior motive of trying to find Jakois. She was caught by Tharvin Durret when trying to sneak off in the mansion and was thrown out.

She then met up with the party and ran into Barclay Cyprin. They agreed that one group should go into the well and another should investigate the manor. Silaqui chose to investigate the manor with Mirabel Nox and Vhudelk. They discovered a secret entrance into the caves under the town and ran into the rest of the party. Tharvin followed them down into the caves and the party ambushed him. The party was then ambushed by two people who turned out to be Silaqui’s brother going by the name of Nuul and his partner Besta Bronnivak, who Silaqui had no knowledge of. The nine of them went deeper into the caves and were ambushed by Jakois and Tharvin who the party left by himself unconscious Tharvin was then killed by a stray crossbow bolt from Silaqui and Jakois was captured by Nuul.

Nuul and Besta then took Jakois away with them while the party took care of the Very Hungry Centipede. They then visited the House of Cyprin. Silaqui then suggested to the Cyprins that they should talk to the Queen of Tundraga to get the Musteles out of power. Balfour Cyprin agreed to escort the party to Chorofeyre the next morning. That night the party was ambushed by Yvo Mustele at the inn. Nuul took Yvo hostage and Yvo killed himself which shocked Silaqui. Silaqui then ran out of town with the party and Nuul ran off the opposite way.

The next morning, the party was traveling down the road to Chorofeyre when they ran into a band of goblins. They were being forced to attack by a Barghest that the party chased off. Silaqui comforted the remaining goblins and offered them to follow them until they remembered where their cave was. The party then decided to rest up along the road until Mirabel (who had been left behind in Snowcreek) and Balfour caught up to them.

Later that night, Silaqui was ambushed in the night by two jackalweres. She imprisoned one and watched the other who had been scared off by Taja Inverno run off. While watching him run off, Silaqui spotted a tower in the distance. Taja and Silaqui decided to quickly go scout it out. The tower belonged to a high elf named K and his apprentice Atonus Sepa, and Taja overheard them studying a magical hammer. Taja and Silaqui decided not to get involved and went back to the others. The two talked the rest of the night away and fell asleep on each other’s shoulders.

The next morning, Mirabel and Balfour finally caught up with the party and they decided to continue to Chorofeyre. On the road, Silaqui asked Taja “Do certain people need to be killed and who would those people be?” Taja did not have an answer and told Silaqui to “find her own answer.” She thought upon this while the party was stopped by a group of cultists attacking the kobold she saw last night, Atonus. Atonus dealt with the cultist easily to much of the party’s surprise. They decided to help Atonus get back was stolen from him and K and Balfour went on ahead to the capital.

The party tracked down the cultist to the goblins cave. While fighting through the cave, Silaqui came across a mysterious blue gem. The goblins told her to keep it saying it didn’t belong to them and it should be considered thanks for helping them home. The party discovered the cult’s leader deep into the cave and confronted him. During the fight, the Barghest from earlier kidnapped K; The cultist leader soon followed them. The party caught up and killed the two of them; rescuing K in the process. Silaqui found the Enigma Hood on the cultist leader and decided to take it. The party also got back the Miracle Hammer that was stolen from K and he let them stay at his tower for the night. 

Trivia Edit

  • Silaqui was the first player character to multiclass.
  • Silaqui was, for a time, the only character in her party to not have shared her full name. She shared this distinction with Master and Knowledge.
  • Silaqui was the second player character to die, after Grigore Ardelean.