"Lord" Salazhar was a red dragon, and one of the primary antagonists of the Mirth one-shot campaign.

Background Edit

Salazhar was a young red dragon who felt slighted that he wasn't chosen to rule Hamasul because of his age. He left Hamasul to gather power in the hope that one day he could come back and take command by force. He gathered an army of kobolds and perfected his fire magic in a secluded cave in the forests of Darti. One day a young tiefling sorcerer came in trying to stop his plans of power. Finding her annoying, he put the Curse of the Phoenix on her, and locked away her consciousness in a magic orb, turning her into an undying servant that could burn his enemies to ash.

In the series Edit

Mirth one-shot campaign Edit

One day, while napping in his lair, a company of Tundragan soliders guided by the mycelian Ords infiltrated the area and fought him. Eventually, Daniel Targray dealt the mortal blow with his rapier.

Trivia Edit

  • Salazhar and Mikeal were killed in almost identical ways: by rogues using sneak attacks with rapiers. They were also both the final boss of their respective one-shots, both of which are part of the Cult of the Phoenix trilogy run by Otters.