Raylos Guild Hall is a school for adventurers founded by Theodore Raylos, located in Olsthem.

Classes and Structure Edit

Each day is made up of two periods with a class in each. Students thus each take two classes according to their skills and intended adventurer roles. The list of classes are as follows:

  • Combat Training
  • Arcana and Summoning
  • Alchemy
  • Diplomacy

Faculty Edit

The following are the faculty that work for the school and their positions:

  • Theodore Raylos, School Dean
  • Elenora Raylos, Theodore's Secretary
  • Barry Beardmin, Combat Training Teacher
  • Valerie Valentine, Arcana and Summoning Teacher
  • Peter Pebblepots, Alchemy Teacher
  • Chip Chaplin, Diplomacy Teacher
  • Prism Raylos, Librarian

Students Edit

All students take Combat Training. The following are the known students that attend the school and their second classes: