A Pterulpine is a monster found in the Underdark of Anevandos.

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Appearance Edit

Pterulpines are described as resembling enormous bats with their head and shoulders being like those of a fox. They have large ears which aid with echolocation, their primary sense. They have foldable wings with sharp claws at the ends for physical attacks, but they seem to prefer using their strong larynx to emit sonic shockwaves that can deafen other creatures and rupture their eardrums.

In the series Edit

The first time a pterulpine was seen was in the Milton Mine, where one was encountered by the party at the bottom of the wooden elevator shaft. After Einkill Ungart attacked it, believing it to be a demon, the party reluctantly fought it to to its death. Afterwards, they dissected it, with Taja Inverno taking a claw and Mirabel Nox taking its head.