The Pras Woods is a forest outside of Sharmouth.

Appearance Edit

The woods are blocked off with a strong, tall wooden fence with a strong lock keeping the only gate closed. Inside, the woods are on quite unstable, rough ground, with a steep hill near one end and a lake near the back at the bottom of a decline.

In the series Edit

The woods were first seen when the party entered them to search for Robyn Laches at the request of her sister Ava, who left tracks indicating that she had entered them. Inside, they scoured various locations in the woods before deciding to investigate what seemed to be a partially drained lake after viewing it from the hill. On the way there, they encountered Robyn being accosted by several giant boars and a mage.

Features Edit

The following are some notable locations in the woods that one or more members of the party went to or heard about:

  • A watering hole
  • A shrine to Phenon
  • A hill with a waterfall
  • Lake Pras

Residents Edit

The only known permanent intelligent residents of the woods are a group of sprites that live underneath the shrine to Phenon. They seem to enjoy collecting the tributes to the shrine.