Pras Lake Titan's Tomb refers to a tomb underneath the lake in the Pras Woods in which the body of an unidentified Titan was buried before being stolen by Hang Statometrona and Ereth Nox.

Appearance Edit

The entrance to the tomb is at the bottom of a lake, with a staircase inside rising up out of the water and into a large hall with a seven-pointed star symbol on the floor and rubble strewn around. Five rooms extend from the hall: two rooms in which security constructs were stored, a tool storage room, a room with an aspect-generic shrine, and a room with a broken wheel, which acts as a mechanism for opening the floor in the main room to reveal the actual burial chamber underneath.

In the series Edit

The tomb was first discovered by the party while following Robyn Laches' sensing of a disturbance under the lake. After entering, they were attacked by a pair of spellcasters working with constructs made to guard the tomb that they had taken control of. After exploring the various rooms, they determined that they should reconstruct and turn the wheel, which revealed Hang and the titan corpse.

After asking him about what he wanted to do with the corpse and learning that he was going to study and experiment on it, Liecen Varonos attacked him according to his principles, starting combat, though Grigore Ardelean tried in vain to reason with him. After defeating him, they discovered that the corpse had vanished, and Hang promptly awoke and teleported away. After finding Mirabel Nox, who had hidden herself in the storage room during combat, they left the tomb to try to search for Hang.