Paya Praxél was a harpy monk, and was one of the leaders of the ithre smuggling ring that took place in the Underdark.

In the series Edit

Paya's first and only appearance was when the party reached the cave she and Sumyu Elzo were using as a base of operations for the ithre smuggling ring. Shortly into the battle, she was transported to another plane by Einkill Ungart's casting of Banishment. After defeating Sumyu and his yeth hounds, the party waited for her to attack, but were surprised by Galarr, who knocked Mirabel Nox unconscious with two rocks that he threw at her. Despite this, they defeated Galarr and Paya. Upon learning that Paya had been forcing Kalista Streliano, Matilde Yiu, and Ramón Hanzaras to mate in order to produce harpy eggs from which ithre could be extracted, Taja Inverno slit Paya's throat in rage and disgust. The corpse was then looted for magical poison daggers by Grigore Ardelean, who ultimately kicked her body into a pit.