Nuul is the pseudonym of Sorvex Alouzen, an exiled prince of Alouzen, wanted murderer of his older brother Syril Alouzen, a mercenary, and Silaqui's fraternal twin brother. He assisted the party in the cistern and tunnels underneath Snowcreek, with his companion Besta Bronnivak, as they investigated the centipede infestation. He was last seen escaping the town with Jakois Mustele as a hostage.

In the series Edit

Nuul was first encountered by Taja Inverno while she was scouting in the centipede tunnels under Snowcreek. Believing her to be one of Jakois' agents, he and Besta attempted to capture and interrogate her, but she slipped away to warn the party. Soon after, they came up after the party and engaged in combat with them before Silaqui neutralized the situation and got them to temporarily join the party.

The next day, Silaqui helped him look for a bloodstained silver ring he had lost in the Underground River that had washed up in a dead end of the cistern. Nuul and Besta then assisted the party in their battle with Jakois, Tharvin Durret, and several soldiers by the Underground River. After Tharvin and most of the soldiers were killed, the two of them took Jakois into their custody and slipped away, not to be seen again until the standoff with Yvo Mustele later that day.