Nephylon is a nation in southern Everota.

Geography Edit

Nephylon is a humid region close to Anevandos' equator. It has several lush jungles comprising most of its area, though the north is mostly made up of flat marshland. Thick rivers flow through the jungles, frequently pouring out to the seas to its west and east. Nephylon borders Obahar in the southwest, and Fesse, Doranelu, and Idnu-un to the north, where Nephylon and the latter three meet at a four-point in the town of Olla. Its capital is Forvissa.

Demographics Edit

As an elven kingdom, Nephylon's population is largely elven, specifically wood elven. However, there is also notable human and half-wood-elven presence in the north, and even some yuan-ti pureblood presence in the southwest. Elves from Fel'etalon and especially Siphylon are also common.

Government Edit

Nephylon is a monarchy of elven tradition, meaning that the throne passes from the previous monarch to their next-oldest sibling, unless they have no younger siblings, at which point it passes to the eldest sibling's eldest child. This is similar to the rota system on Earth.

The nobility are all either wood elven or half-wood-elven, and the royal family are all wood elven.