The Mount Aislah Class of 43ME refers to a group of monks from Chalmentum's monastery that completed their respective pilgrimages.

Members Edit

Four students in this class were encountered by the party over the course of their investigations, all harpies slightly familiar to Taja Inverno.

Ramón Hanzaras Edit

Ramón is the only known male harpy of the group, and this was capitalized on by Paya Praxél in her smuggling scheme. Though the first and strongest to address Taja upon being rescued in the Underdark, the weight of his ordeal caused him to nearly break down as they left for home on a ship, needing to be comforted by her.

Paya Praxél Edit

See the full article for more information on this character.

Kalista Streliano Edit

Kalista is another of the students who sought the body of Alfons Polarius for the monastery, and was captured by Paya. At the time of her rescue, she had one last unexploited child to come, and was assured that she and her companions would be protected and sped along to Chalmentum as quickly as possible.

Matilde Yiu Edit

Matilde is the last of the harpies that were caught up in the smuggling ring, described as the quietest. She accompanied them on the ship from Chorofeyre, and was revealed to know several card games she entertained her fellows with.