The Miracle Hammer is a magic weapon owned by Einkill Ungart. Einkill sometimes refers to it as The Hammer of Drejlem, referencing the aspect of God he serves.

In the series Edit

The hammer was first seen by Taja Inverno in K's laboratory where it was being studied by K and Atonus Sepa. The next day, when the party met Atonus during their travels, he explained to them that the hammer had been stolen from them by a group of cultists. After meeting with K, the party agreed to help look for it.

To assist in their search, K brought out a magical compass that was attuned to the hammer to try to locate it. After following it for a while, it malfunctioned due to the cultists redirecting the tracking to one of their members and having them teleport next to the party and commit suicide. However, the party were able to find the entrance to their hideout anyway and descended into it.

In the hideout, the hammer was held by the cultists' leader. After defeating the devil and demon he summoned, as well as the other cultists, the leader managed to escape using the Darkness spell he cast and the Enigma Hood he was wearing. Outside, the party finally defeated the leader, recovering the hammer, which K then gave to Einkill as a reward.

Properties Edit

When a critical hit (for which a 19 counts with this weapon) or maximum roll on a damage die occurs while using this weapon, the user will become imbued with morale and, by reducing the damage dealt to the regular amount, all allies are healed for one hit die, free of charge. Additionally, the user can use their Wisdom ability score as their attacking ability score with this weapon, up to a maximum of their proficiency bonus.