Milton is a town in southwest Tundraga, a few miles north of Chorofeyre.

Appearance Edit

Milton is a small, somewhat shabby worker's town that has the shadow of the relatively nearby Fourwood Keep looming over it for much of the time.

In the series Edit

Milton first appeared when the party arrived their in search of Cornelius after he poisoned them with ithre in Chorofeyre. They had been hired by Cassander to investigate an ithre smuggling ring that the Crown of Tundraga had a lead to in the town. Upon arrival, Grigore Ardelean went to speak with the manager of the local mining facility, Taja Inverno entered the mine herself to investigate, and the rest of the party went to the inn to talk to the locals and try to get some information about the trade.

After failing to persuade the bartender to talk, Silaqui followed the tracks of what they believed to be Cornelius' wagon over to a warehouse, which she proceeded to break into and investigate, In the meantime, Mirabel Nox treated the patrons in the inn to several drinks in an attempt to get them to talk about the town and extract information from them, which unintentionally caused a round of chanting "and you know what else? Fuck Lord Argyre!", helped along by Grigore Ardelean. After speaking to one of the patrons, Mirabel was able to learn that until his death in the War for Myphuta several years prior, the town was ruled by Elias Argyre, but that the rule had passed to his son Damin, and that they were unsatisfied with the pay he was distributing to them.

Offering to take the patron, George, home, Mirabel heard his wife mention that George, a miner, had also been hired by somebody to transport "some powder stuff" from inside the mine, and that he was allowed to keep some himself. Meanwhile, in the mine, Taja discovered that many of the floors were hazardous, containing fallen rocks and a variety of dangerous creatures, and returned to the party after sustaining some injuries.

After Einkill Ungart attacked Jorhas Ebson in an alcohol-and-PTSD-induced rage when the latter mentioned "Lord Argyre" in an invitation to have dinner with Damin at the House of Argyre, Silaqui took him back to the house, where he received medical attention from Leanne Coshire and Damin invited Silaqui and the rest of the party himself.

Later, the party attended the dinner, using the opportunity to try to extract information from Damin about the town and Cornelius. Before they were about to leave, Damin asked them (for the second time) if they wanted to stay in his house for free rather than paying for rooms at the inn, to which Mirabel suddenly changed her mind and expressed an interest in doing so, alarming the rest of the party. After some discussion, Atonus Sepa, Einkill, Silaqui, and Liecen Varonos agreed to also stay in the house, while Taja and Grigore left to prepare for an investigation of the mine the following day.

Features Edit

The following are some notable locations in Milton that one or more members of the party went to:

  • Bellbreeze Inn
  • Flatt Street Warehouse
  • Milton Mining Facility
  • House of Argyre (destroyed)
  • House of Coshire

Residents Edit

The following are some notable groups and individuals that live in Milton:

  • Cornelius Durret
  • Damin Argyre✝
  • Malcolm Coshire
  • Leanne Coshire
  • Mira Argyre
  • Christopher Sweeting
  • Tatyana Inkhorn
  • Ruth Callahan
  • Ruby Callahan
  • Umelle Turmetguld
  • Poppy Ceniphoe