Marosi Elzo, commonly known as Gilu, is a duergar criminal famous in the Underdark. He currently operates out of an office in the Rats' Nest.

In the series Edit

Marosi was first met by the party in his office after his two gnome employees escorted them there. They discovered that he shared a goal with them in rooting out and taking down the ithre smuggling ring. He explained that he and his brother had been partners in crime for a while in the past, but that his brother began to seek out more and more illicit business, until a rift was former when he wanted to deal in the ithre smuggling ring, against Marosi's wishes. After giving them the information about the ringleaders' location that he had obtained, paying them some money, promising more to come after they completed the objective, and asking Silaqui if they'd met before, apparently recognizing her, the party slept in his office and set out of the town to continue in their mission.