"(in response to Grigore Ardelean threatening the Chorofeyre kids with his saxophone casting focus) It's okay, they've committed an evil act. Paladin is on board with what's happening right now."

― Liecen Varonos

Liecen Varonos is a sea elf paladin, and one of the primary protagonists of the first Anevandos campaign. He is played by FlusteredCustard.

Background Edit

Liecen was a schmoozy gambler living the life in Ilistra, gambling his days away, until he was introduced to an aging Paladin who offered a unique wager on a game of chance: if the paladin lost, he would hand over all his possessions and gold. If he won, however, Liecen would make a contract with god and become a vengeance paladin in his place. Liecen lost, and, elf of his word, became a Paladin. After some training from his elder and the transfer of funds and items, he set out to rid the world of evil.