Keiishkii Orvis Mae is a sorcerer employed by the Crown of Tundraga to study magical artifacts and phenomena. He prefers that people call him K, as he doesn't like people knowing his real name. He is a rival of sorts to Wes Pommiliòne.

In the series Edit

Keiishkii was first seen by Taja Inverno when she went to go have a look at the strange laboratory he lives in next to the reservoir in Royal Builders' Hills. She saw him and his apprentice Atonus Sepa studying the Miracle Hammer, though she did not yet know what it was. A short while after, she returned to show Silaqui what she saw.

The next day, after Atonus met with the party during an encounter with the cultists that stole the Miracle Hammer, he was formally introduced to the party. He requested their help in recovering the hammer and they set out to do so.

In the goblin hideout that had been stolen by the cultists, he was charmed and teleported away by the Barghest before he could assist the party in their fight any further. After they defeated the devil and demon summoned by the cultist leader, they chased the leader outside, where the Barghest was waiting to take Keiishkii away with the leader. After killing both the leader and the Barghest, they rescued him and he rewarded them with the recovered Miracle Hammer.

After staying the night at his laboratory, he traveled with the party to Chorofeyre, where he put them in contact with Wes and Cassander, himself having traveled there to inquire about the absence of the royal treasurer that was supposed to meet with him several days prior.

He was last seen at Fourwood Keep when he humored Grigore Ardelean's desire to request the royalty that an official fight club be started in Chorofeyre by taking him to see Cassander.