Jakois Mustele is the middle son of the late Yvo Mustele, Lord of Snowcreek.

In the series Edit

Jakois was first seen by Vhudelk while arranging an appointment with Tharvin Durret for the former to clean Snowcreek Manor, as he was pretending to be a cleaner from "Bunko's Cleaning Service". Vhudelk saw him descending into the basement of the manor equipped with armor and weapons.

After Silaqui reunited with her brother Nuul and his companion Besta Bronnivak, it became apparent that they had a mission to pressure Jakois on behalf of a certain Underdark agent with which Jakois had had some kind of business.

His next and final appearance was when he took Tharvin and a group of soldiers into the Underground River. After Grigore Ardelean cast Crown of Madness on Jakois to control his actions, Jakois was forced to attack Tharvin and several of the soldiers with his longsword. This traumatized Jakois, and he put up no resistance to Silaqui and Nuul capturing him before the latter took him away to be used as a hostage by him and Besta.

When Nuul appeared again in Snowcreek to try to stop Grigore's arrest, Nuul revealed that he had cut off one of Jakois' fingers as proof of their custody of him.