The Helix Band is a magic item owned by Atonus Sepa.

In the series Edit

The band was received from Marosi Elzo as payment for taking down the ithre smuggling ring and returning his brother Sumyu Elzo. As he didn't have enough money to properly pay them back, he instead gave them the band, which he had come across at some point in his career but had no use for.

Properties Edit

While wearing this band, as an action, the user can sequester away any number of psi points into it, reducing their maximum by the same amount. The user cannot have more psi points in the band than their regular maximum capacity of psi points. These psi points cannot be retrieved and added to the user's regular maximum again until 24 hours have passed, at which point they do so automatically. The psi points in this band can be expended in the same way as the user's regular pool of psi points, but not for any mystic class abilities. Instead, they can be used for the following effects:

  • Choosing to instead succeed a failed concentration check for spells or psionic abilities
  • Removing a status condition from yourself automatically
  • Healing yourself for two hit die.

Each of these three abilities takes a bonus action to perform and expends 1 psi point from the band's capacity. When it is expended, the maximum capacity of the user's regular pool of psi points re-increases by 1, and the band's maximum capacity decreases by 1.