Gergeryne Sant-Ralia, commonly known as Mindorl, was a sea elf that worked as a courier of illicit goods (such as ithre) in the Underdark prior to her murder at the hands of Grigore Ardelean.

In the series Edit

Gergeryne's first and only appearance was when she emerged from a tunnel leading from the ithre smuggling ringleader's hideout, commanding several Inaid that had tracked the bloodshed from the previous battle. She had only intended to 'rough up' the party, but was stopped quickly and easily by Mirabel Nox casting Polymorph on her and turning her into a frog. After the party all attacked the frog simultaneously, she reverted back to her unconscious original form. After being looted for her money, her Wand of Fireballs, her Trident of Fish Command, and her Fetching Glove, and then interrogated by Grigore, she requested that he kill her, which he obliged. After resting, the party continued onwards, disposing of her body in a pool of lava.