Gelac is a village near and on the land of Olsthem, in mideast Tundraga.

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Memories of Winter's Past side campaign Edit

After Richard's party failed to return from their monster-hunting mission here for a week, Theodore Raylos sent the party here with Barry Beardmin to investigate what had happened to them and deal with the problem themselves. Upon arriving, they saw blood running from underneath the door of a stable near the edge of town. Looking inside, they discovered the corpses of several horses and the two owners, along with their killers: a pair of werewolves.

After one of the werewolves was killed and the other fled, they investigated the stable further but couldn't find any further information.They searched the rest of the town for survivors and found Amy and Anjelo the married couple that runs the lumber mill. They took them to the inn where they met Tomas the innkeeper and Carrie. Carrie joined them with a fighting a huge swarm of werewolves being led by a frost giant. The frost giant decided to retreat with the werewolves halfway through the fight and with that the attacks on the village stopped that night.

The next day they found David the village priest running from the church being chased by skeletons. The party saved him but he said there were more coming from the graveyard. They made their way to the graveyard and fought a hoard of skeletons.

Features Edit

The following are some notable locations in Gelac that one or more members of the party went to:

  • Stable
  • Lumber Mill
  • Inn
  • Church & Graveyard

Residents Edit

The following are some notable groups and individuals that live in Gelac:

  • Stable owners✝
  • Amy
  • Anjelo
  • Tomas
  • David
  • Moanique