Ereth Nox, sometimes referred to as Momabel, is Mirabel Nox's foster mother, who kidnapped her as an infant and raised her for nefarious purposes. She is a high-ranking member of a mysterious group that seems to be interested in studying ithre and bistre.

In the series Edit

Ereth was first mentioned by Mindorl during her interrogation by Grigore Ardelean in the tunnels leading to the cave used as a hideout by Engan and Paya Praxél. Despite the latter two being the ones seemingly in charge of the couriers, Mindorl revealed that they were all initially employed by a woman that never told them her name, who remains behind the operation.

She was later mentioned by name under a different context by Hang Statometrona during his fight with the party. She apparently entered the room undetected at some point and removed the titan's corpse while the party was distracted by their combat. Outside, she gave the party some information on what had happened and what they intended to do, leaving them with Hang's Belt of Fire Giant Strength before horrifying Grigore, Silaqui, and Liecen Varonos with nightmarish visions as they tried to attack her, and vanishing before them.