The Enigma Hood is a magic item owned by Silaqui.

In the series Edit

The hood was first seen being worn by the leader of the cultists that stole the Miracle Hammer from K and Atonus Sepa. He used it in conjunction with a Darkness spell he cast to escape his hideout during a battle with the party.

Outside, the party managed to catch up, and defeated him. After recovering the stolen Miracle Hammer, Silaqui took the hood off of his body to have K appraise it for her own use.

Properties Edit

While wearing this hood and standing still, the user is invisible. In addition, at any time while wearing it, the user can force any creatures that see them to make an Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to 8 + their wisdom modifier + your proficiency bonus, or else not be bothered by their presence for 1 hour. They will be aware of their presence, so doing things they would have a problem with anyone doing will alarm them, but doing something they would have selective feelings about, such as entering a restricted area where some people would be allowed through, will not alarm them. After making the save or after the duration, a creature is immune to the hood's effects for 24 hours.