Dr. Daniel Targray is a half-jotunn rogue, and was one of the primary protagonists of the Mirth one-shot campaign. As a PC, he was played by Polaris, and as an NPC, he is played by Autumn.

In the series Edit

Fires Over the Fungal Forest one-shot campaign Edit

Daniel was a member of the military company assigned to assist Mirth with an arson problem they were having in the year 43ME. Along with Ords, Bargo Breakiron, Varis Siandel, and Master, he fought Allison Ashentail in Salazhar's lair. Later on, he assisted in the fight against Salazhar himself, dealing the mortal blow with his rapier.

Main campaign Edit

Daniel was first seen in this campaign when Cassander brought the party to him for treatment of the ithre poisoning most of them had suffered. While doing so, he explained what ithre was and the effects that ingestion of it could give, including vivid hallucinations followed by comas if enough was taken without being treated. He also briefly mentioned bistre as being a similar substance. After treating all those affected, Cassander paid him and they thanked him and left.