Damin Argyre was the lord of Milton and head of the Argyre family, until his arrest by the party and an agent from the Crown of Tundraga.

In the series Edit

Damin was first met by Silaqui when she escorted an injured Jorhas Ebson to the House of Argyre after he was attacked by a drunken Einkill Ungart. He explained that since Milton didn't get a lot of travelers coming into town, he wanted to invite the party to dinner that night. After some deliberation, Silaqui accepted his offer, but secretly decided that she would discuss the matter with the party before deciding if she would actually go.

After talking it over with the party, they decided it was a good opportunity to try to get some information out of the lord. At his house, he treated them to a three-course meal consisting of baked potatoes, roast lamb and spinach stew, and a berry meringue, cooked by his maid Leanne Coshire. During conversation at the table, Silaqui cut herself with her knife deliberately to create an excuse to go to the bathroom so that she could sneak off and explore the house, though she was unable to and returned to the dining room. While she was gone, Damin offered free accommodation in the guest rooms of his house, but Taja Inverno politely declined for everybody. Later on during the meal, Grigore Ardelean asked Damin several questions about the town and Cornelius.

Although Damin initially claimed not to know Cornelius, Grigore showed him a document recovered from Cornelius' room earlier by Silaqui that proved that the two of them had signed an accommodation contract at some point. At this, Damin told them that he remembered having signed such a contract with somebody a number of months ago, but that he hadn't remembered their name until Grigore mentioned it. To clarify the party's purpose, he informed Damin of the fact that Cassander had hired them from this job, as well as the more personal aspect of wanting to find the man that poisoned them. Although Grigore found his claims of ignorance suspicious, he decided not to push the matter further due to a lack of hard evidence.

After the dinner, Damin invited them into his parlor so that they could relax while he wrote an official letter to Christopher Sweeting, the mining facility's manager, to give permission for the party to investigate the mines. As they were leaving, he asked them again if they were sure about staying in the inn instead of at his house, to which Mirabel Nox suddenly changed her mind and expressed a desire to stay at the house, raising extreme suspicion with the party. After some discussion, during which a very concerned Grigore angrily demanded that Damin explain what was going on (to which Damin insisted he didn't know what he was talking about), the party decided that they wouldn't leave Mirabel alone, so Atonus Sepa, Einkill, Silaqui, and Liecen Varonos would also stay in the house, while Taja and Grigore would prepare to explore the mines together the following day.

That night, however, he captured Mirabel and put her in his hidden basement, where he was keeping five other women captive as sex slaves. After he left to 'deal with' the rest of the party in their sleep, Mirabel slipped out of her bonds and asked Tatyana, a captive tiefling girl, to help her, she was able to use Misty Escape to teleport outside the bars, before casting Eldritch Blast a number of times to destroy the other locks.

Back in the main part of the house, Mirabel screamed for help, alerting Damin, to which she cast Blindness on him and ran upstairs to get the rest of the party. After Silaqui knocked him unconscious and Mirabel tore a chunk of his arm off with her teeth, the group carried him outside while Atonus responded to a Sending message from Grigore, informing him and Taja of the situation and requesting that they come back. As Leanne and Jorhas escorted Mira Argyre outside, Mirabel re-entered to retrieve her stolen equipment, in addition to stealing Damin's material wealth and casting Fireball to burn the house down (with which Grigore assisted by using one of his jars of flammable bodily fluids from the Very Hungry Centipede).

While Grigore and Taja visited nearby houses to ask people to come and see Damin's deposition, a Crown agent, Robert Thornton, asked them to explain the situation. Despite Grigore's suspicion, Robert proved himself with documentation, and Taja directed him to go to the House of Argyre. Once everyone had returned, Silaqui explained to the crowd that had gathered what had happened, and Robert took Damin away in a wagon to face trial at Chorofeyre. The party then learned that Leanne was also being held captive by Damin, and that Jorhas was her grandfather, who was trying to rescue her but was unable to, instead having opted to work at the house to at least be close to her.