The Crown of Tundraga is the royal family of Tundraga, who live in and operate from Fourwood Keep.

Structure Edit

The Crown follows primogeniture as its rule of succession. New monarchs are coroneted on Korunet 1st (formerly the Day of Coronation, which was a monthless day before Korunet prior to the creation of the Modern Tundragan Calendar). On years where the reigning monarch continues to rule, a celebration to wish for a prosperous year is instead held.

Reigning monarchs have their surname changed to Seabaron, and when their full name is written out, a numeral is attached to the end of their first name with a hyphen to designate their place in relation to any former monarchs with the same name. For example, the monarch who started her reign in 39ME is Queen Julia-III Seabaron, as there were previously two other queens of Tundraga named Julia.

Monarchs traditionally abdicate willingly to their heir once they reach an old age or become badly ill, with their heir acting as regent until their day of coronation. This is usually announced several days before the end of the year to allow time to prepare for the coronation. If a reigning monarch dies before they are able to abdicate, their heir will act as regent but not be the official monarch until their coronation day, with the deceased monarch completing their year as if they were alive. This tradition originates from the Old Tundragan Calendar, which used to date things relative to the reigns of monarchs; in the case of such a year, it could still be counted as being entirely within the reign of that monarch, to avoid confusion. Such years are referred to as Black Years by the populace.

In the series Edit

The only actual member of the Crown to have been met by the party was Joachim Ispinas, who was seen staring worriedly at a hallway in Fourwood Keep by Silaqui. However, several employees of the Crown have been met before, namely K, Wes Pommiliòne, and Cassander.

Members Edit

The known members of the Crown are as follows:

  • Queen Julia-III Seabaron
  • Alma Juvis, 1st in line
  • Aster Juvis, 2nd in line
  • Mary Atney, 3rd in line
  • Selma Atney, 4th in line
  • Lucas Atney, 5th in line
  • Mattias Atney, 6th in line
  • Penélope Ispinas, 7th in line
  • Anton Ispinas, 8th in line
  • Léonard Ispinas, 9th in line
  • Julian Ispinas, 10th in line
  • Joachim Ispinas, 11th in line

Known deceased former monarchs include:

  • Julia-I Seabaron
  • Julia-II Seabaron
  • Anton-I Seabaron
  • Fredric-I Seabaron