Cornelius Durret is a halfling man, the son of Tharvin Durret, and an enemy of the party.

In the series Edit

Cornelius was first met when the party (minus Mirabel Nox and Atonus Sepa) drank fruit tea from Berrybush Tea Rooms, in Chorofeyre. He poisoned their tea with ithre before serving it to them, causing them to all have vivid nightmares and hallucinations. After throwing up and being treated by Daniel Targray, the party began to seek out Cornelius to discover his intentions and enact their revenge.

Following several leads to Milton, including the fact that the investigation Cassander hired them to perform was there, they traveled there that day, with Silaqui managing to locate his abode on the top floor of a warehouse. As she looked through his belongings, discovering several documents, letters, and a lockbox, she heard somebody approaching and his next to the door using her Enigma Hood. After Cornelius entered and stayed lying in his bed for over an hour, he left again and she rushed out to deliver the documents and lockbox to the party to inspect.

Amongst the documents, they discovered a record of sales of some kind, a document officiating his accommodation in the room in the warehouse, as well as two letters: one from someone called Tim informing him that he would be providing weapons to "Mindorl and the other couriers", and notably, one from someone called Sikkim informing him of the deaths of Yvo Mustele and Tharvin Durret.

Before they were able to open the lockbox, they left Mirabel's wagon, in which they were discussing the documents, and went to Damin Argyre's house for dinner.

Trivia Edit

  • Cornelius was named jokingly by Polaris, before any of the players knew he would be a relevant character.