"(sighing) Here. Penny for the musician. Now go bother someone else." ― Queen Bee
The Chorofeyre kids refers to a group of children that spend time together in the streets of Chorofeyre.

Members Edit

  • Beetle (human boy)
  • Bumblebee (human boy)
  • Butterfly (human girl)
  • Centipede (half-jotunn boy)
  • Cricket (tiefling girl)
  • Fly (drow boy)
  • Honeybee (human boy)
  • Hornet (human boy)
  • Mosquito (lizardfolk boy)
  • Moth (human boy)
  • Queen Bee (human girl)
  • Spider (half-elf girl, real name Harriet Pommiliòne)
  • Wasp (human girl)
  • Worm (gnome boy)

Bumblebee, Honeybee, Hornet, Queen Bee, and Wasp are all siblings, and so are Butterfly and Moth.

In the series Edit

The first encounter between the kids and the party was when Moth and Beetle distracted Liecen Varonos with a question about elephants while Spider stole his wallet. Once Liecen realized what had happened, he, Grigore Ardelean, and Mirabel Nox gave chase.

When they caught up, Liecen tried to negotiate with Queen Bee to get it back, but the wallet was nowhere to be seen and she feigned ignorance. After seeing a different bag that Spider was carrying, the party believed the wallet had been put inside it in some way, but when opened, it appeared to be empty.

Grigore then threatened the kids with his saxophone casting focus, and after failing to cast Crown of Madness on Queen Bee, instead cast it on Hornet, passed him a scimitar, and forced him to attempt to attack his older sister. After a brief back-and-forth struggle, Liecen took the bag from Queen Bee as Grigore threatened the kids into telling them where Liecen's wallet was. They explained, despite Queen Bee's insistence otherwise, that the bag is magic, and is able to secretly contain other objects with a secret way of getting them out.

After Grigore tried and failed to discover the retrieval method himself, Liecen took Butterfly hostage to try to force Queen Bee into telling him the secret. She finally gave up and told him that he had to stick his hand in and think about what he wanted to take out. Once he did that, he attempted to give it to Butterfly, but Grigore snatched it out of his hand to steal money from it as compensation for the hassle.

After another struggle, between Liecen and Grigore, the latter persuaded Queen Bee into paying him 3GP as Liecen gave up trying to stop Grigore, paying the kids back out of his own pocket.

They were later seen when Liecen and Grigore returned to their alley, Silaqui with them this time, to try to get information on Cornelius' whereabouts. Queen Bee provided her account of witnessing Cornelius leave the city in a wagon and head towards Milton, in exchange for Silaqui's offer to take Worm and several of the other children to the King Fredric Zoo. Before he left, Grigore gave a jar of flammable bodily fluids from the Very Hungry Centipede to Queen Bee.

At the zoo, Silaqui cast Dancing Lights on the griffon there, impressing Worm, Honeybee, Bumblebee, Butterfly, and Moth with the ensuing light show and endearing Silaqui to them.