Chorofeyre is the political capital of Tundraga, situated in the southwest of the country.

Appearance Edit

Chorofeyre is a walled city with a castle, Fourwood Keep, at the back. It has at least two entrances, one being on the east side by the entrance to Elajtr Forest, and the other being further north, leading onto the road to Milton.

In the series Edit

Chorofeyre first appeared when the party arrived there after traveling from Arkhold via Snowcreek. Upon arrival, Silaqui, Einkill Ungart, and Atonus Sepa went straight to Fourwood Keep while Taja Inverno, Liecen Varonos, Grigore Ardelean, and Mirabel Nox explored the city. In the evening, most of the party stayed in Berrybush Tea Rooms (Mirabel stayed in her wagon), and those that did (apart from Atonus, who smelled "dream mist" in the tea) suffered from ithre poisoning until they each threw up and were later trated by Daniel Targray at Cassander's referral.

The next day, the party investigated the halfling man that had poisoned them before getting a lead to Milton, the location of their hired objective, leaving soon afterwards.

After completing their mission in the Underdark, the party returned to Chorofeyre where they spent a day in the city, before getting caught up in a series of linked events surrounding a cult that had been operating there. Several of their members had escaped prison after convincing Damin Argyre to help them escape, an incubus they summoned had replaced the city's chief investigator after killing him and had been using his position to kill several young men in the city by draining their life force, and Spider, one of the Chorofeyre kids, had been kidnapped and replaced with a succubus that was also summoned.

After Mirabel cast Scrying to locate Spider's whereabouts, the party managed to locate the cult and defeat them with the help of Telman Marky and a group of soldiers, before Spider was taken away to be medically examined and treated by Daniel.

Features Edit

The following are some notable locations in Chorofeyre that one or more members of the party went to:

  • Fourwood Keep
  • The market
  • Berrybush Tea Rooms
  • Redspades Inn
  • The Watchsmith Inn
  • Valor Vista Inn
  • Bradford Hall
  • Gatamber Hall
  • The National Archival Library of Tundraga
  • King Fredric Zoo
  • King Léonard's Church
  • Grace Garden Church

Residents Edit

The following are some notable groups and individuals that live(d) in Chorofeyre:

Trivia Edit

  • Chorofeyre was formerly known as "Fourwood", which is where Fourwood Keep gets its name from.