Cassander is an advisor to Queen Julia-III Seabaron of Tundraga, and lives in Fourwood Keep.

In the series Edit

Cassander was first met by Einkill Ungart in Fourwood Keep, where they spoke about a letter Einkill had received inviting him to receive compensation for his injury and abandonment during the War for Myphuta. Shortly afterwards, he met Silaqui and Atonus Sepa, and he offered to hire their party for an investigative task in Milton.

He was next seen later that day when K brought Grigore Ardelean to the castle at the latter's request. He noted Grigore's suggestion for an official fight club to be started in Chorofeyre.

In the early hours of the following day, he received a message delivered by Grigore's casting of Sending informing him of the ithre poisoning of most of the party and requesting his help to find sufficient medical assistance. After meeting with the party outside the castle, he took them to be treated by Daniel Targray at Bradford Hall, staying with them during their time there and paying for their treatment, as well as explaining the nature of the matter they were to investigate to them in further detail.

When the party returned, having taken down the smuggling ring, he paid them and provided them, as well as the three rescued harpy monks, with guest rooms at Fourwood Keep. The next day, when he heard of their plans to travel to Chalmentum, he offered to arrange passage for them.