Master Monk Alfons Polarius was a harpy monk that lived a long but unspecified time ago.

In the series Edit

Alfons' body was first seen when Taja Inverno opened his ki-sealed coffin in the Rats' Nest (receiving a vision of people he knew in the process), at the request of a disguised Vhudelk, who had come across it. After a short-lived fight, Taja obtained the Polar Feather that Vhudelk had taken, receiving another vision of what seemed to be Alfons' last moments, in which he concentrated his ki into the feather with an embedded sentiment to give the feather and its powers to the one who found it. Taja subsequently buried him outside the entrance to the town.

Later, upon defeating the ringleaders of the ithre smuggling ring in the Underdark, Taja came upon Kalista Streliano, Matilde Yiu, and Ramón Hanzaras, learning that they had been looking for Alfons' remains when they received a lead from Paya, which turned out to be a trap to lure them in so that they could be used for ithre production.

After getting them out of the cave, they dug up the body, explaining that they had promised to return the remains to the Mount Aislah Monastery if they would find them. Given their weak and traumatized states, Taja agreed to travel with them, and the rest of the party decided to follow as well.


  • Alfons was the first harpy to receive the title of Master, despite never completing a pilgrimage.
  • He is loosely named after Polaris, Taja's player.